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27.01.2016 18:06 Uhr in Logistik, Transport und Verkehr

New KKI assignment control system up and running

New KKI assignment control system up and running In just a few months, IVU Traffic Technologies implemented a new assignment control system based on IVU.workforce for the call centre of KKI. (Picture: KKI GmbH)

IVU implements incident management solution in just a few months

Berlin, 27 January 2016 – Call centres for fault, emergency and crisis management have to act extremely quickly when a call comes in, entering data, alerting and dispatching operational staff and notifying authorities. At Berlin-based Kompetenzzentrum Kritische Infrastrukturen GmbH (KKI), a new assignment control system – one that simplifies the task of dispatching on-call staff and ensures efficient processes – is now operational. The system has been developed in close coordination with IVU Traffic Technologies AG.

The IVU dispatching software features a modern and intuitive web interface that gives dispatchers the best possible support at every step of the process. A guided on-screen dialogue helps users to enter all data necessary for the assignment quickly and accurately. At the same time, a timer shows how much time has passed since the call, thereby making it easier to comply with the strict requirements on assignment entry times. An integrated map display shows dispatchers all relevant geographical information, such as line networks and building entry points. The KKI call centre can also track the status and position of the units live, which means that they are always up to date on the current situation at the assignment location.

Thanks to numerous interfaces, the IVU system integrates seamlessly into the heterogeneous communications landscape at KKI. On-call staff can be alerted via their mobile data devices (such as smartphones) or by telephone, text message, pager, printer or fax. One particular advantage of the IVU solution is that it is fully capable of supporting multiple clients. Consequently, KKI can take care of numerous clients and a range of divisions and media within a single system as well as handle all relevant tasks and work processes. The IVU.workforce solution serves as the basis for the assignment control system for managing assignments in the field. It took only about a year to go from the start of the project to the go-live date.

“Together with IVU, we have built up an innovative and high-performance assignment control system that will enable us to offer our customers the best possible services,” comments Stephan Boy, Managing Director of KKI GmbH. “The expertise and years of experience in major projects of this type that IVU possesses were particularly crucial factors in the success of the project process.” Matthias Rust, member responsible on the Management Board of IVU Traffic Technologies AG, adds: “We are proud to have developed and implemented this solution with KKI in such a short space of time. The new functions for fault, emergency and crisis management at municipal and public utilities are the ideal complement to our IVU.workforce product line.”

IVU Traffic Technologies AG has been working for 40 years with some 400 software engineers to ensure that transport in the world’s major cities operates reliably and on time. People and vehicles in expanding cities are continually on the move – a logistical challenge which calls for intelligent and reliable software systems. The standardised software products of the IVU.suite and tailor-made IT solutions are used to plan, optimise and control the scheduling of vehicle fleets and personnel. Other systems support the choice of branch locations or ensure that election results are determined correctly.
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